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Active & HealthyRight by the sea

Active & Healthy

The outstanding climate, no matter wether you do sport or just look at the fascinating baltic sea counting the waves, it makes you happy and healthy. Paired with an excellent and healthy cuisine to indulge in as well as outstanding treatments at our nixespa – could life be more beautiful?

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The outstanding climate therapeutic stimuli, air purity as well as positive humid air in an immediate sea location are highly effective preventative measures for all manners of colds or for anyone with increased susceptibility to upper respiratory tract infections. By breathing in the maritime aerosols during a walk on the beach and in the surf zone, the miniscule salt particles are able to advance as far as the bronchi and thereby improve your sense of wellbeing.

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The baltic sea with the beach and the so called Granitz is right here by the nixe. You decide wether you rent a bicyle or one of our beach chairs. Maybe you brought your own Stand Up Paddle Board. There is so much to sea and do without moving the car. We recommend to visit us more than once.

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Boutiquehotel Nixe Spa Fotos Lars Jacobsen 2658 3

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